Sunday, July 24, 2016

No we aren't asking you to literally vote for a rodent:) "Vote Mickey" was an eye catching device that we first used in the 04 campaign to get the attention of US presidential voters-

So if we don't want to elect a mouse (or waste a protest vote), what can we do to Fix American Politics?

You probably have noticed that the extremes are destroying this country and wonder why we have to choose between Donald or Hillary? Obama or Romney? Bush and Kerry? 

Fix American Politics is all about identifying candidates that want to do the right things for the right reasons. That problem is immense, so it shouldn't surprise you that it takes about 20 minutes to dig through “Mickey’s doctrine”

But if you read what follows you will probably find out that you are also a Mickeyite at heart-

If you are, let’s talk about finding candidates that are likely to drive out the vermin that have run the government for a couple of generations-

It's time for change- Let's build a Plank-Driven Anti-Party!


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